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Matt Flynn, Jordy Nelson, and the Playoffs

January 3, 2012

What a game yesterday! Almost 1,000 yards of total offense and 6 td’s by our back up QB. Hats off to Jordy Nelson who is fast becomming one of my favorite Packers players, I was txt. back and fourth with a friend of mine while watching the game, some of the words we threw around were So. Damn. Good., beast, monster, and amazing, I think that pretty much sums up Jordy. Matt Flynn gotta eat!, and feast he did all day on a Lions backfield that was piss, poor, at best. Ive heard a lot of people say we should be worried about our D, and I agree to an extent but we are who we are this year and who we are is a D that consistenly creates turnovers and gets the ball back for our offense. I think lost in all of the Matt Ryan hoopla is the fact that our running game looked pretty good, I realize3 that Ryan grant scored on a screen pass but I was impressed with his explosion, he looks healthy and ready to go.

The Chiefs loss may have been a blessing in disguise. I feel pretty good about our health going into playoffs and it was great to get guys like Charles Woodson, Clay Matthews, and Aaron Rodgers a couple weeks off from the grind of an NFL game. It’s great to have a coach like McCarthy calling the shots, he seems to make the right call at all times, and I think this was just another example of that. The rest those players will get as well of the additions of, Greg Jennings, Randall Cobb, and Chad Clifton will give the Pack a huge push and boost in confidence heading into the playoffs.

The playoffs are finally here! and while it’s said that any team can win any given sunday, I think the NFC matchups seem to be pretty cut and dry. The Saints will handle the Lions easily. While the Atlanta vs. Giants game apears to be an even match at first glance I just think the Giants are playing with a ton of swagger and confidence and that Eli will make more plays than Matt Ryan and the Falcons. That would set up the matchup I spoke about last week the Packers vs. Giants, a matchup I really don’t love, but after seeing how well we played Sunday with Matt Flynn and the secound team some of those fears have put to rest temporarily. Lets enjoy this weekends playoff games and be thankful that we have the week off and that the road the Super Bowl must go through Lambeau! GO PACK GO


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