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All we have to Fear is Fear itself… and the Giants

December 29, 2011

I think the Packers win our fith Super Bowl title this year. No QB has had a better season than Aaron Rodgers , IN THE HISTORY OF THE NFL! People say we need to worry about New Orleans, I disagree. While Drew Brees and New Orleans is a very talented team I don’t think they can stop Aaron Rodgers a game with the Saints would be a shoot out and Ill take our guys in a shoot out any day of the week especially at Lambeau in front of our home crowd. New Orleans is a dome team and historicaly dome teams don’t play well on grass. The Packers D is giving up a lot of yards but they also force a lot of turnovers, Drew Brees is a great player but you can force him into some bad throws and thats what i think will make a diffrence if we see the Saints in the NFC Championship game. The only team I am worried about comming into Lambeau and potentially beating us is the New York football Giants, the reason is three fold. 1)It’s no secret that our O line is having trouble healthwise and while the Bears game was a great sign it remains to be seen how the unit will hold up against the likes of a D line like what the Giants have, I am particullary worried about Jason Pierre Paul, this guy is a physical freak (have you seen his youtube video where he’s doing like 15 back flips with out stoping!?) I am hopeful that we will have Bulaga and Chad Clifton back healthy by then but if we have to play the giants this could be a problem. 2) The Giants running game. I’m not a big fan of Brandon Jacobs AKA the Tip Toe Bandit, but Ahmad Bradshaw is no slouch when healthy (Did you see him run over Brodney Pool, Jets Safety!?). My fear is that the Giants run game, behind a better than average O line will be able to control the clock and keep the ball out of the hands of Aaron Rodgers much the same way Kansas City was able to control the game week 15. 3) The confidence of Eli Manning. Any great team is led by their QB. I still rember when eli came in the league and looked like a scared puppy everytime he took the field, well times have changed. Eli now has a Super Bowl ring. Eli and this team have the confidence to know they can come into Lambeau and beat us because they’ve done it before (Why hello Brett Favre). This years Giants team reminds me  a lot of our team last year, they are playing with a lot of confidence and swagger and look poised to make some noise in the playoffs. The Giants have played Giant slayer before (no pun intended), beating an undefeated New England team in the Super Bowl. The catalyst for that win was a tough played game by New York against the Patriots in the regular season finale. That game gave New York the confidence to beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl. I seem to remember the Giants taking my favorite team to the wire and us needing a magical Aaron Rodgers 1 minute drill for a last second field goal to win the game. We our 14-1 and defending Super Bowl Champs, have the BEST QB IN THE LEAGUE, and have the best homefield advantage the NFL has ever seen, the road to the Suoer Bowl must go through Lambeau. We have plenty of reason to be confident but if the Giants come to town, not the Saints I may say a couple extra prayers before the game.


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